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Back in the 90s, Mageo was a popular Czech discussion board. About 20 years later, it's creators decided to revamp this project and turn it into a social platform/game, in which each player creates an alter ego, which can travel around the world (both virtualy and physicaly with the player), gain friends and wealth, fight monsters, fight for new land and much more.

I came along later in the project and my tasks were mostly focused on merging and adjusting the mechanics of a social platform and a game together.


Mageo used over one hundred different energies which players could gather all around the world and then use in minigames (which represented fighting, arguing, cooking... any given activity requiring energy). These enrgies could take many different forms: beauty, hearing, danger and much more.

Separate fromt this, each player had a newsfeed of his friend's activities to which he could react similarly to facebook. There were also "topics" - a remnant from the old discussion board. Any item in the game could be commented on and become a topic (discussion).

I have designed a new feed system, which adjusted the already existing features to work together.

Energies became part of the feed and replaced the emoji reactions from facebook. Players now could use the gathered energies and send them to each other through reacting on feed. This design fullfilled the original idea of "burning energy through all interactions" and encouraged people to react to each other and interact, as each player could only react with energies he or she had on him.


I have also made a weighted feed system which takes into consideration the amount of both social and game interactions between players and displays news in order considering relationships, time of posting, location and overall game score (the best players - players with highest social wealth aquired - would be promoted to appear in more feeds.

I also contributed to some UI changes, such as the player profile and wardrobe.

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